Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but I figure if I can't beat 'em 
then I guess I should join 'em!

I've been baking and creating for many years. I have so many pictures just tucked away in my drawers or in my closet, so I've decided to share them! 

One of the things I love to do is bake and decorate cookies with colored royal icing. It's definitely a time consuming job, but I love the end result. Both of my kids (hubby too) can't wait until I mess one up so that they can eat it! Sad to say, that happens quite often. Anyway, here are a few pictures of my cookie creations. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them!

These little gingerbread houses have to be my favorite cookie of all time. I made these for my friend Sue's annual Christmas Cookie Exchange this past December. They were a hit and tasted soooo good. They were full of edible glitter so they looked like magic!  


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