Sunday, April 14, 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's

My daughter's Sweet 16 party is coming up and we've decided to do a Tiffany's theme. I made these cookies in honor of my daughter's party, but honestly, with 100+ kids invited to this party, there is no way that I'll be making these as party favors! They're nice to look at though and really yummy, they're a shortbread cookie with royal icing.

Wreck It Ralph

I had fun making this Wreck It Ralph cookie! I must admit that I was a bit ambitious on this one! The detail is so teeny tiny and although he's so darn cute, I would probably never make him again! I really am such a kid at heart and I love Disney movies, but my kids are grown now and don't really want to watch them with me anymore! I did talk my sixteen year old into watching this movie with me and she loved it! I ran out to Target today to buy it so now I can watch it whenever I want!